The Duralite Aluminum Livestock Trailer is the most durable trailer built.  Just ask the person that owns one.  Our trailers are made of the best quality material available and dedicated workmanship for almost 35 yrs.  The trailer is built of aluminum extrusions owned exclusively by Duralite.  The extrusion alloy is 6061-T6 and was originally formulated for land transportation vehicles.   The main characteristics of this alloy is to withstand flexing or movement of the metal, corrosion resistance and strength to weight ratio.  Thus the extruded side planks, uprights and rails withstand the animal abuse that normally dents smooth sheet material.  There are NO structural welds and the component parts are fastened together with locking bolts, locking aluminum rivets and huck bolt fasteners.  This method of fastening does not change the metallurgy, reduce strength or distort parts as in the case of welding.  So ask yourself, if welding is so strong, why don’t they weld airplanes?

The floor is also 6061-T6 aluminum diamond deck tread plate riveted to Z-bar cross members 12” on center.  Between the floor strength and cross member spacing this allows for the floor to remain flat and eliminates the need for the ribbed flooring that is used by other manufacturers for strength.   Animal stress during transport is reduced when they are not trying to stand on the ribs in the floor causing motion and possibly injury to the animals.  There are NO fender wells on the inside or bracings off the side walls to hold up center gates to add to the animal’s discomfort.  These features also allow for easy cleaning.

Duralite has always believed that building a quality trailer also happens within the tiny details like placing grease zerks in each extruded aluminum hinge or grommets for the holes holding the wiring that runs overhead so the wires don’t get cut on the aluminum.  Keeping the electrical components individually grounded, secured with shrink tubing and connectors topping it off with rubber fuel line hose to protect the brake wires.  Let’s face it, life can be hard enough some days without wondering if your trailer lights are going to work when you hook up your trailer.  We take pride in building the trailer you want without over charging for the extra options like changing tailgates.  Why pay extra for something that is suppose to come with your trailer anyway?

Duralite Trailers was the vision of one man back in the 1980s and his goal was to build the best trailer he could and protect his animals at the same time.  It was more than just a work trailer to him, it was a part of his every day farm life and legacy.   Almost 35 yrs later that still remains true.  The trailers are hand crafted by hard working people, not machines or conveyor setups.  When the trailer is squared we know that it’s square, not just close enough.  Our goal is to send quality down the road not just quantity. Being built in South Dakota where the roads are gravel, the work doesn’t stop until an hour after sunset and we still believe that our customers are family.  Duralite Trailers will not just be your next trailer, but your forever trailer.